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In this sections we are going to list research projects, publications and other data, related to MRMC, and carried out by scientists all over the world.


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  5. Model Checking Tools


These are the projects that relate to MRMC:


  • COMPASS: An international research project for developing a theoretical and technological basis for the system-software co-engineering approach focusing on a coherent set of specification and analysis techniques for evaluation of system-level correctness, safety, dependability and performability of on-board computer-based aerospace systems. LINK


  • Quasimodo: A European research project aimed at developing new techniques and tools for model-driven design, analysis, testing and code-generation for advanced embedded systems. LINK
  • Basic Research in Informatics for Creating the Knowledge Society (BRICKS). Project AFM7:MOQS: Modeling and Analysis of QoS for Component-Based Designs. LINK
  • Davide D’Aprile: Timed and Stochastic Model Checking of Petri Nets. PhD Thesis, 2007 PDF
  • Marcel Oldenkamp: Probabilistic model checking, A comparison of tools. Master Thesis, 2007 LINK


  • Tim Kemna: Bisimulation Minimisation and Probabilistic Model Checking. Master Thesis, 2006 PDF
  • Reachability analysis in continuous-time Markov decision processes. Master Thesis, 2006 LINK
  • Mark Kattenbelt: Towards an Explicit-State Model Checking Framework. Master Thesis, 2006 PS
  • Probabilistic Model Checking: Von den Grundlagen zum Tool - ein Vergleich zwischen PRISM und MRMC. Bachelor Thesis, 2006 LINK
  • Heuristics-Guided Dependability Analysis. Bachelor Thesis, 2006 LINK


  • Project Ametist: Analysis and Tools: Tools and Tool Interaction. PDF


These are the papers that reference MRMC:


  • J.-P. Katoen, D. Klink, M. Leucker, and V. Wolf. Three-valued abstraction for continuous-time Markov chains. In proceedings of 19’th International Conference on Computer-Aided Verification (CAV’07), volume 4590 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 316-329. Springer, 2007 PDF.GZ
  • A. Donaldson, A. Miller and D. Parker. GRIP: Generic Representatives in PRISM. In Proc. 4th International Conference on Quantitative Evaluation of Systems (QEST'07). To appear. September 2007 PDF
  • R. De Nicola, J.-P. Katoen, D. Latella, M. Loreti, M. Massink: Model checking mobile stochastic logic. In Theoretical Computer Science, volume 382, issue 1, pages 42-70, Elsevier Science Publishers Ltd 2007
  • M. Kwiatkowska, G. Norman and D. Parker: Stochastic Model Checking. In Formal Methods for the Design of Computer, Communication and Software Systems: Performance Evaluation, volume 4486 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Tutorial Volume), pages 220-270, Springer. to appear, 2007 PDF
  • A. Aldini and M. Bernardo: Mixing Logics and Rewards for the Component-Oriented Specification of Performance Measures, to appear in Theoretical Computer Science PDF


  • D. Cerotti, D. D'Aprile, S. Donatelli and J. Sproston: Verifying Stochastic Well-formed Nets with CSL Model-Checking Tools. ACSD '06 PS.GZ
  • Davide Cerotti, Susanna Donatelli, Andras Horvath and Jeremy Sproston: CSL Model Checking for Generalized Stochastic Petri Nets. QEST '06 PS.GZ
  • Allan Clark and Stephen Gilmore: Evaluating quality of service for service level agreements. FMICS'06 PDF
  • Tamas Suto, Jeremy T. Bradley and William J. Knottenbelt: Performance Trees: A New Approach to Quantitative Performance Specification. MASCOTS '06 PDF
  • Muffy Calder, Stephen Gilmore, Jane Hillston, and Vladislav Vyshemirsky: Formal methods for biochemical signalling pathways. In BCS, 2006. To appear. PDF
  • Husain Aljazzar, Stefan Leue: Extended Directed Search for Probabilistic Timed Reachability. FORMATS'06 PDF
  • Mirco Tribastone and Stephen Gilmore: A New Generation PEPA Workbench. PASTA'06 PDF


These are the presentations that reference MRMC:


  • Probabilistic Model Checking and Reliability of Results. PDF


  • Inexact Arithmetic in Model Checking of DTMCs. PDF
  • A Markov Reward Model Checker & How Fast and Fat is Your Probabilistic Model Checker? PDF


  • Probabilistic Model Checking of Randomized Distributed Protocols using PRISM. PDF


These are the encyclopedia that reference MRMC:

Model Checking Tools

The following model checkers were, at some point, compared against MRMC. For more details see How Fast and Fat Is Your Probabilistic Model Checker? and Chapter 7 of Model Checking Markov Chains: Techniques and Tools.

  • Probabilistic Symbolic Model Checker: PRISM .
  • Erlangen-Twente Markov Chain Checker: ETMCC.
  • Statistical Model-checker and Analyzer for Probabilistic Systems: VESTA.
  • GSMP Model Checker: Ymer.

Since recently, it is no longer possible to download VESTA from its official web site. Therefore, we provide our local copy.

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